Mixtape Measure: Tape W / No Name

I am guessing that the year was probably 1998. Maybe 1999. If so, I was living in Rohnert Park, CA and splitting my time between classes at Santa Rosa Community College and Sonoma State University and Cost Plus World Market and my tutoring gig with AmeriCorps.  I had a boyfriend who lived in the apartment next door.  This mix tape was apparently a gift from him:  Scrawled on the back of the cover it says “Happy B-DAY BABE”. Although, judging from the release dates of some of these songs, there is a chance that he sent me this tape for my birthday the following year after he had moved to New York and I had moved to Los Angeles. 

Side A

Travis – Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

This song really made me want to move to a place like Portland.  I wanted gray skies and coffee shops.  I guess this album, The Man Who, was brand spanking new and may have (arguably) sparked my love of Britpop.

Brand Van 3000 [sic] – Drinking in LA

I must have listened to this in the car because it reminds me of driving around in my 1995 Pontiac Sunfire.

Jamiroquai – King for a Day

At about this time, everyone was talking about the Virtual Insanity video directed by Jonathan Glazier.  You may remember . . . the one with all the weird dancing and sliding about.  This band had an honest-to-god didgeridoo player.

Radiohead – Bishop’s Robes

I think that OK Computer had come out a year or two before and this band was suddenly THE band.  I bought a copy of that album just before making the drive through a torrential downpour to visit my first boyfriend. A year or so later another boyfriend bought me a tape of The Bends at the flea market (just tape, no cover).  I loved it.  Radiohead kind of haunts the memories of this period of my life.

Cure – Maybe Someday

The Cure tried for a comeback.  I wasn’t quite to my 1980’s music phase (that hit about a year later and I went to see them live at the Greek Theater in LA), so didn’t care too much.

Aimee Mann – Sugarcoated

I must not have listened to this one.  I don’t think I took notice of Aimee Mann until later when Magnolia came out.  Only then did I realize that she was ½ of ‘Til Tuesday.  She used to play, with John Brion among others, at Largo which was a block over from my apartment in the Fairfax/Melrose neighborhood of LA where I lived about 2001-2002.  It was at Largo that I saw Glen Phillips and he sang a song about Fred Meyer – it was the first time I had heard of the store chain.

Air – Playground Love

When Virgin Suicides came out this tune was all over the place all the time.

 Foo Fighters – How I Miss You

Shrug.  I will say that my one real experience with this band was when I attended a KROQ Christmas show and spent the duration of the Foo Fighters short set quietly choking on a soft pretzel.  I barely had it under control, but lived to tell the tale. Phew.

Elliott Smith – Son of Sam

While I never quite got into Elliott Smith, I did go to one of his last shows.  It was a terrible concert and he had no control over himself, the crowd, or his music.  The opening band was Rilo Kiley.  I tipped the bartender while she was looking the other way much to the embarrassment of my friend Julie.  She had earlier tripped down the stairs much the embarrassment of me.

Unamerica – Mary’s Son

I could swear that I have never heard this song before.  And don’t ever care to again. The fast forward button on my car tape player must have been very accurate.

Stone Temple Pilots – I Got You


Pixies – Mr. Grieves

I moved away to college owning a Pixies album, as that is an unspoken prerequisite, but had never listened to it.  This was about the time that I listened and fell in love.  I tried to see all the members of the band individually.  David Lovering used to open for Frank Black and The Breeders by doing silly science tricks. A secret-ish Breeders show in Echo Park was one of the best shows I have ever been to. I never saw Joey Santiago.  Thankfully years later, the band reunited and went on tour, so I got to check that off my list.

THE Actual Tape with No Name .      Cover "Art"

Side B

Tom Waits – Jockey Full of Bourbon 

There used to be Tom Waits sightings in Petaluma, near where I lived around this time.  I never saw him.  Frankly, I can only handle his early stuff.  His super gravelly voice, as heard on later albums, makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Violent Femmes – American Music

Again, this tape was made just prior to my 1980s music phase, but I do remember thinking it was catchy.

Soul Coughing – Circles

A handwritten note on the cover reads “serious face song” which I think refers to this silly stone faced dance that my boyfriend used to do whenever this song played.  He thought it was funnier than it was. If I remember correctly Circles was on the radio all the time.

Joseph Arthur – Chemical

No clue.

Dishwalla – The Thrill is Gone

No really?  This band had another song. Huh.  Zero recollection.

Pearl Jam – Up Here in My Tree

I am beginning to seriously doubt that I listened much to Side B.

Folk implosion – Jenny’s Theme


Van Morrison – [It’s All Over Now] Baby Blue [sic]

My mind was slightly blown upon the realization that Beck sampled this song for Jack Ass. Also that it is a Bob Dylan song and has been covered by everyone . . . twice.

John Scofield – Blackout

It’s almost as if the boyfriend didn’t even know me. Maybe this tape is the reason we are no longer together.

O’Jays – Love Train

I think the boyfriend really liked funk, a genre I can’t stand.

Unkle – Lonely Souls

I did like this song very much and am pretty sure that I transferred it to other mix tapes for other people.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Road Trippin’

This tune may have been an homage to a Thanksgiving weekend (yes, weekend) road trip that the boyfriend and I had taken up through Portland, to Seattle, Vancouver B.C., and back.  I met two brothers with the same names as my two brothers. They didn’t have a sister though.