Shhh…I finally got her down

Well, I participated (again) in a design challenge and this time did my best ever, making it to the top 75. Just barely. I came in at 73. While I’m excited about that (my goal now is to break the top 50), I’m also, like, what? This particular design was simple, unexciting, not very inspired, and kind of bland…yet got me my most “likes” so far.

The challenge this time around was to design a relaxing and neutral duvet cover. I admittedly put less effort into this one than any other fabric I have come up with in the past. Mostly I just wanted to play around with paint brush tools. And I only wanted to do that after investing a ton of time into trying to figure out a repeating herringbone pattern that just did not work out.

So, is this is this a lesson learned for me? Am I wasting too much time on actual drawings that aren’t as good as splotches of paint? Sigh. No secret here: I have not idea what I’m doing. I’ll just keep on anyway.

“Shhh…I Finally Got Her Down” is available for purchase as fabric, wallpaper, and more right here!